Hillyard Trilogy® Equalizer® Floor Finish - 5 Gal.

Item # HIL0055307

  • An ultra high solids finish only requires 3 coats for maximum shine. Patented polymers make for a "next generation" formula. Excellent dirt resistance.
  • No seal is necessary unless the floor is extremely porous
  • Little to no buffing is required
  • Trilogy[R] system I
5 Gal., ea
Manufacturers Item #HIL0055307
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It provides resistance to black marks, scuffs, scratches, and heel marks. Once floors are coated with Equalizer, daily/weekly maintenance is much easier. Just damp mop or auto scrub the floor using Hillyard Super Shine All[R] or Top Clean[R]. Equalizer will respond brilliantly to occasional burnishing. Is tough and retains its shine longer. Meets slip resistance using ASTM D2047 and Underwriters Laboratories, Inc's method 410.

Trilogy® system I.

  • With improved shine and depth of gloss Equalizer will reduce in floor care costs.
  • A cleaner looking floor over time means lower total cost to you and higher satisfaction with the appearance of the floor.
  • Only one coat is necessary for a scrub and recoat.
  • Equalizer seals and finishes in one operation. No need for a sealer.
  • Although high solid finishes are typically harder to apply Equalizer goes down smooth with a flat mop applicator. Strip floors first, then apply coats with a flat mop applicator allowing 45 to 55 minutes between coats